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We have considerable expertise in dealing with complex Petroleum agreements under a Royalty & Tax regime governing the allocation of hydrocarbons entitlements. The payment of royalty, tax and additional oil entitlements (AOE) together with Domestic Sales Requirement (DSR) terms create the need for complex calculations and systems. Prevalent in parts of West Africa this system of HEA (Hydrocarbon Allocation Entitlements) can present huge challenges in terms of accounting, control and application of the terms of the relevant Petroleum agreement (PA).

Petroserve Consultants can provide your organisation with the support and experience to manage and develop existing systems as well as recommend solutions and problem solve any process failings.

A. Interpretation of Petroleum Agreements in Relation to HEA
B. Define the Host country's regulatory requirements regarding royalty, tax, entitlements and commercial considerations.
C. Advise on unitized field requirements.
D. Assist Legal and Crude Oil Marketing in developing Crude Oil Lifting Agreements.
E. Develop spreadsheet working models to demonstrate Tanker Scheduling incorporating the relevant terms of the PA governing Royalty, DSR and AOE.
F. Recommend appropriate HEA systems currently available on the market and provide support for full implementation.
G. Continued support after implementation.
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