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  Joint Venture Auditing

Our Joint Venture Auditors possess both operational field and JV audit experience. This provides a balanced approach and greater understanding of the issues and problem areas of the audit process. We are able to focus on the contentious areas of the business that some auditors fail to identify and report back to client on.

We offer a comprehensive service that will meet all client needs. Our audits are carried out in accordance with standard industry practice and adherence to COPAS AG-19.

A. Manage the full JV program including:
  1. Pre audit planning and preparation work with both Operator and client.
  2. Carry out the audit in accordance with client requirements.
  3. Communication and resolution of findings with Operator during audit testing.
  4. Close out meeting with Operator.
  5. Reporting back to client on findings and final report.
  6. Audit close-out and settlement including past audits (if required).
B. Provide JV Auditing support to the lead company.
C. Advise on risk assessment for future recoverability of Operator costs.
D. Review Operator's controls for ensuring regulatory compliance.
E. Specialized JV audit work such as:
  1. In-depth review of Operator overhead recovery.
  2. Special investigations including FCPA compliance review.
  3. Detailed Inventory review.
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